Our mission is to pave way for,


We use latest digitalisation techniques to move from traditional method and to capture untapped potential for reducing cost and increasing revenue.


We believe to integrate ship liners and suppliers. Our tool ease helps ship liners to make a purchase while ensuring equal opportunity for all ship suppliers.


Our product aims to create value to customers through continuous improvement and offer them a value to optimize their day to day operations.


We focus on rendering a user experience that makes processes easier, and user friendly through our simple, easy to use and light weight cloud based interface.

Our Core Team

Ramachandran K

Ramachandran K

(Co-founder & CEO)

Mrs. Ramachandran is co-founder and CEO of the company serving as the Head of Product Development.... He was about 21 years of experience in Information Technology sector and its related industries. He was the prior to co-founding Cprocure, a product vertical of VCIDEX Solutions Pvt.Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering, and MBA in Finance. He is specialised in workflow architecture and have successfully architected and completed more than 150 projects. His extensive experience can be leveraged, to execute mission critical projects for Fintech companies. He is passionate about digitalisation, shipping industry and technological applications.

Krishnadas Natesan

Krishnadas Natesan

21+ years of experience in ERP domain, Process Management & Performance Management. Bachelor of Engineering with Senior Management Graduation ... from IIM Calcutta. A senior Management Consultant with vast implementation experience in Qatar, South Africa, & Namibia.

R .Yogalakshmi

R .Yogalakshmi

(Co-founder & CFO)

Mrs. Yogalakshmi is co-founder and CFO of the company serving as the Head of Finance ... She has 15 years of experience day to day financial management, auditing, Balance sheet and Profit & Loss statements, and other statutory norms of the organisation. She has Bachelor of Science and has been a part of the company growth and investment decision for the past 21 years. She has financial acumen to focus on company’s mission and achieve the long terms goals in vendor management and receivables turnover.