Many of us simply consider the often-chaotic state of shipping to be the norm – but it doesn’t need to be so hard!

Enter C-Procure, more than just a shipping procurement software. It’s a solution for an industry suffering a dozen small, niggling problems. C-Procure is packed with useful features that make your procurement process more efficient and productive. Easily manage costs, time, paperwork, international regulations and approvals in a single software package.

Features of C-Procure

Product, Price and Category Management

Define specific and unique product categories that suit your requirements. That way, you can analyze all options within that particular product category. These easy, efficient product management options, part of the C-Procure solution, help both shipping lines and chandlers quickly and easily study variants available and make an informed decision, thus saving time and money without compromising on quality.

Cost Center Management

Procurement of supplies for long sea voyages is expensive, and a major cost center. Budget control is thus essential, and one of the main reasons that many shipping lines opt for C-Procure. Optimizing costs and reducing extraneous expense is an integral part of the software solution.

RFQ, PO, GRN and Invoice Management

Paperwork of multiple kinds is required during a procurement process. Requesting, raising and approving Requests for Quote, Purchase Orders, Goods Received Notes and invoices are made easy through the C-Procure software solution, with POs automatically generated to the selected partner for the chosen scope of products. In addition, it becomes possible to verify receipt of goods through automated 3-way matching of PO, GRN and Invoice.

Payment Tracker and Tax Management

Making sure that you make payments to all chandlers in each port of docking is complicated. Given the sheer volume of orders necessitated by even a single voyage, it can be a daunting task... and that's before you factor in the requirement to make the required and correct tax payments! Simplify through our comprehensive payment tracker and tax management system.

Purchase Return Management

Not all procurement happens smoothly. It is sometimes required that purchases are returned, either to the chandler or from the chandler to the vendors. C-Procure helps you streamline the product return process efficiently.

Raise Requisition with Turn Around Time

Turn Around Time or TAT is very important for delivery to ships, which dock for very brief periods. That's why it's essential to include the highly tight and specific TATs while raising the requisition. In many cases, TAT is the crucial element of the order process.

Review & Approval Process

It's important for businesses to ensure that the right person within the organization signs off on the procurement purchase. C-Procure allows the company to follow a clearly laid down hierarchical review process, in order to ensure that there are no false approvals or errors.

Vendor Login Portal

Study the order and all details pertaining to it using a common consolidated backend. The C-Procure vendor login portal helps you organize and optimize service delivery. Chandlers and grocers or other vendors can log in through this portal to participate in the procurement process.